Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Kind of Media Consumer I am?

I have definitely have become more aware of the media consumers way of feeding us propaganda. The news influences us only in ways that they want. I learned that the news is biased so it is important to receive news from more than one source. That is one of the reasons blogging is important. People need to give their opinion and now that we have the internet is is an easy and efficient way of spreading propaganda. After taking Media and Society with professor Lilly Buchwitz, who taught me all about blogging from her blog Media and Society: The Blog, that she started for our class. I have become familiar with blogging and I see how it relates to advertising and the media. Before taking the class I was unaware what a blog was. I had heard of blog's but was not sure how it was related to my major. Now I understand why Blogging has become an important part of advertising and journalism. It will continue to become an important part of opinionated journalism as long as people keep blogging....and I think people will continue to blog. I know I will.

Monday, December 11, 2006

U2's New Video

I was up really late last night watching VH1 when I caught a glimpse of U2’s new music video “The Saints Are Coming,” featuring Green Day, one of my favorite bands. It is sure to bring up controversy. You guys have to watch this video, which shows glimpses at what it would have looked like if the government had sent U.S. troops to New Orleans to barricade the levees that had broke and sent relief and aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. U2 has always brought attention to their music because of their political influence to end hunger, and life threatening diseases like AIDS. Now they are aiming towards a different target. I think U2 is genius for the way they send a message with their music.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maxim Guy Rules

In ths months issue of Maxim Magazine, the one with Angelina Jolie on the cover that you will be seeing on magazine stands, the editors published a few Guy Rules that go as follows. So fellas read up:
1. Never let on that any food is too spicy for you to handle.
2. If one guy is singing in the car, no other men may join in.
3. Men can borrow other men's clothes. Just don't ever return them.
4. Your friend's last beer is off-limits without permission.
5. Men ride motorcycles. Scooters are for Europeans.
6. How to drink in public: If it's pink, don't drink. If it's brown, suck it down.
I couldn't agree more with these rules. These are rules to live by if you ask me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

B of A Music Video

If you guys haven’t seen the You Tube video clip of the Bank of America Employees singing their version of U2’s, “One” at a corporate party, then you have to see this. I have never felt so bad for two grown up men before. These two B of A employees, who were attending a work function and just doing a skit for fun, were filmed, and then the clip was put on You Tube for the public to see. The skit was not meant to be an ad but it brought publicity. What were these guys thinking? It was funny, but probably really embarrassing to the employees and the company that they work for, which is B of A of course. Bank of America is a very well respected, national bank. What the employees did will can bring lots of negative attention to the company. Whoever put the video on You Tube which is now owned by Google definitely broke some privacy laws. First off, they did not have the consent of B of A or of the two employees involved in the skit. This certainly is a violation of copyright laws and this will continue to be a problem when anybody can post any clip that they want on You Tube. I think Google should filter You Tube videos so that they have fewer problems with privacy laws.

The Campus Reading Program

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was an appropriate book to choose for last years Campus Reading Program becuase I think that people here in the United States are clueless on what goes on in the Middle East and how people live in country governed by an Islamic Government.
I was looking over Lilly's MCom. 72 The Blog and saw that she was taking suggestions on what book to suggest for the 2007 Campus Reading Program. I saw a book on the list of suggestions that I had read for a Holocaust class that I took last semester at SJSU. The book was Farwell to Manzanar. It was a good but depressing story about a girl's experience as a Japanese girl during World War II in a Japanese internment camps.
I think the campus reading program is a good idea. It is a good idea for SJSU faculty to require their students to read the book as well as do an assignment to expand their knowledge. Reading makes you smarter and it is one of the ways we recieve information. It is difficult to choose just one book every semester for the whole University. I think students should have a choice of books there can read. That way students can have a couple of book to choose from

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MTV Reality Shows

I know I don't speak for myself when I saw that MTV is the best channel on television. They have educational documentaries about AIDS, homosexuality, poverty or anything that we need to be aware of as well as other types of information and propaganda.
MTV was launched August 1, 1981, but before its launching, Executive V.P. Robert Pittman did a lot of research. He researched what viewers, especially teenagers wanted. He learned that chaos, fast pace, fun, attractive themes and in depth information about music was exactly what the viewers wanted. The immediate impact could be argued that every young adult at home in the country was watching.
One of my favorite types of shows on MTV are reality shows. I can sit on my fouton in my studio, as humble as can be and just watch MTV all day. Most of the shows on MTV now are either reality shows like The Real World anLagunana Beach or reality dating shows dating show like Date My Mom.
MTV not only changed pop culture, but it started ground breaking themes seen through out TV. It is the oldest and most influential American cable network specializing in music related programming. So all I'm saying is that whenever your bored at home why not throw on some Yo Momma where the contestants make fun of each other or Cribs, a show that takes you on a tour of your favorite celebrities house.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So, what's up with all this hype about the new movie Borat? Well, I was curious so I did a little research on the internet. Baron Cohen was born in London, England to a Jewish family. He attended the University of Cambrige where he studied history and wrote his thesis on Jewish involvement in the American Civil Rights Movement. A Cambridge scholar from a firmly Jewish family, Cohen could have probably written papers for the rest of his life. Instead, he pursued his acting career with Borat and his other characters, he has deviously found humor in his characters. In the movie "Kazakhstan journalist" Borat Sagdiyev -- a character from day Ali G Show directed by the writer of Seinfeld. I found a clip of it on YouTube. He pokes fun of his own Jewish dissent with the anti-Semitism of his character Borat. In one sketch, Borat goes to a bar singing an anti-Semitic song, with many country folks in the bar singing along. He calls it Throw the Jew Down the Well. This is not intended to offend anybody. I don't think that Baron Cohen has broken any laws. He may have offended some people but so does every other comedian these days, like Dave Chappelle and Carlos Mencia of Comedy Central. They make racist jokes all the time on their shows.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Aljazeera: An International Website

Today Aljazeera, the channel that sent shockwaves through the whole Arab world since its very first day on air has become a global name which people, governments, and decision-makers cannot afford to ignore. It is very well known and well respected channel in the Middle East. The Aljazeera Channel was launched in November 1996. It is especially popular because it is free from censorship and government control. Aljazeera has offered its audiences in the Arab world much needed freedom of thought, independence, and room for debate. In January 2001, was launched as the first mainstream Arabic news site in Doha, Qatar and in no time, it rose to the top of the Arab media. In 2002, received more than 811 million impressions and 161 million visits. Hot topics and intense debates along with objective news reporting is what put amongst the 50 most visited sites worldwide. Being of Egyptian dissent news about the Middle East is interesting and I feel that it is important that all of us to be able to share our thoughts in the media without having censorship from government officials. That is the reason I chose this website that I can hopefully share with all of you because it is important to get reliable sources on what is really happening in the Middle East these days. In my opinion the media here in the United States can censor a lot of incidents, facts and details making the news we receive on American websites not reliable or resourceful.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Chevy Ad

Kelly, Lou Lou and Anna are the three luckiest students in all of San Jose. A few weeks ago these students of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication here at San Jose State University got together to think of an ad for Ford Motor Company. Now they get to fly to Detroit for a free trip with all accommodations paid for. They get to compete against students from University of Wisconsin, Washington University in St. Louis, Savanna College of Art & Design, and Elon University in North Carolina at Campbell-Ewald, GM's advertising agency. The winner's Ad that is chosen will air during the super bowl. How cool is that? This is going to make their resume's look incredible. Their chances for landing a job after college are going to be really good and that is why most students are in school these days. We want to graduate so we can all get really high paying jobs. We want to make a lot of money. To compete in a challenge like this and actually be qualified to win would be the highlight of my college experience. All the students at San Jose State School of Journalism and Mass Communication, especially advertising majors should be very proud of Kelly, Lou Lou and Anna for putting San Jose State and the map. Good luck in the competition!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Howard on Satellite

I remember when Howard Stern was at the top of the charts. His name was all over the place and he was really starting to make a buzz in Hollywood. Since early in his career Howard has been known as a being womanizer, famous for makings his female guests flash him on his show. Surprisingly, Howard took over radio. He became a voice that was familiar to all of us. The Howard Stern Show, as he called it was kind of funny, which made listening too him not such a drag. The success of his radio show was so extraordinary they aired it on television on E! Entertainment Tonight. Even though Howard really isn't very good looking he always manages to peel some hot chicks! I don't get it. I figured the guy must have been good in the sack or something. Then I found out he's worth about $500 million. That explained it all. He was and still is a very powerful figure in radio. His voice is listened to by millions of Americans who always thirsty for more Howard Stern. In 1994 Howard made a movie about his life. It was a big success. I remember watching it with my Dad. He laughed the whole time. I liked Howard but but by moving from radio to satellite, I think Howard kind of lost his loyal fans. Well, most of them at least. Satellite radio is cool and I would get it but it cost ten bucks a month. Why should I pay for it when I could get free music with an MP3 player? Well, maybe if I was a little wealthier I would. I'm sure one day we will all have satellite and we will all be listening to Howard’s old ass on the radio once again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Programs That Matter

Three of the most important programs on television, in my opinion are, 60 minutes, Friends and Americas Most Wanted. 60 minutes is an award winning news documentary that includes investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news.
60 minutes was created in 1968 by Don Hewitt. So far the provocative show has already won four Emmy's and not to mention many other awards over the years. 60 Minutes is the most successful broadcast in television history. The show has been the No. 1 program five times setting a record with the Cosby Show.
Friends is runner up number two. The show ran for 10 seasons before ending in 2004. It is a simple show about six young friends that are middle class and living in Manhattan. I think it is absolutely the funniest show I think I've ever seen. The show has won a Golden Globe Award and has been nominated for many more. It is also a lot of peoples favorite all time show, including myself.
The third most important program in television history, I'd have to say is Americas Most Wanted. Not because it has one awards or ran for countless seasons. It is an important program that is entirely dedicated to catching dangerous criminals. The host of Americas most wanted, John Walsh is passionate about this show for the fact that on July 27, 1981, Adam Walsh, John's six year old son was kidnapped from a shopping mall. Adam's remains were then later found 16 days later, 100 miles from the mall that he disappeared from. John then became an activist for victim’s rights. In 1987, FOX contacted John about hosting a groundbreaking new reality show designed to track down the country's most notorious and dangerous fugitives by profiling their cases to a national audience. Since that day John Walsh has been using AMW to help find and prosecute dangerous criminals including kidnappers, rapists and murderers, putting his grief to good use by helping other victims find closure.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Face in the Crowd

Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal star in the 1957 movie called, A Face in the Crowd, a movie about Lonsome Rhodes, a nobody who gets his 15 minutes of fame and Marcia Jeffries, the woman that discovers Lonsome's talent. Lonsome then blows up with his own show and he discovers he's loved by everyone because of his talent to sing and act. This causes him to become really full of himself. The more famous he gets the more corrupt he is. Then the people see his not so perfect side. The sad tragedy is his addiction to alcohol leads him to misfortune. It is a tragic story. In the end Lonesome, is truly lonesome. Right where he began. I really enjoyed this movie. Andy Griffith portrays his character very well. He is really nasty at times like many movie stars today. They think they are untouchable until they are no longer in the limelight. It is sad but unfortunately true because no one is number one forever.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Space

The issue that always seems to be coming up these days is My Space. It has been one of the most successful networking websites ever. Anyone you ask has an account. It's the biggest thing to hit the net since e-mail. My Space was started by a teenager named Tom. When Fox realized its success they bought My Space from Tom for a shit load of money. They saw potential in the company, and they were right. Now My Space has like 115 million users just in my network alone. Crazy! How can something grow so fast you ask? It is simply word of mouth. Everybody wants to keep in touch with long lost friends, and well this is the way. The future of my space is uncertain. I know it will continue to grow. The only problem I have with it is lack of privacy. Anyone can look at my profile whenever they want. I get random friend requests from people I don't know. Why would I add someone I don't know people. That would be weird. If I don't know you I don't want to be friends. You never know. There could be stalkers and molesters preying on people all over My Space. So be careful.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The One and Only Maxim

Maxim Magazine has got to be one of the best men’s magazine around right now. It's the best thing to happen to men since women! The magazine has had amazing success in the past. The editors also publish Stuff Magazine and Blender Magazine, which are also very entertaining. I, on the other hand personally prefer the reading the original Maxim. They have also launched a website. At Maxim online you can subscribe to the magazine or just look through their pages. It has jokes, stories, ads, advice for men and best of all, good looking women. For about $4.95, you can pick it up at your local grocery store or anywhere that magazines are sold. Not much of a deal, but if you like it you can subscribe and save about half of the cover price of each issue. Like most other magazines a new issue is released every month. My favorite part about the magazine is the ads. They have advertisements that really appeal to men. Some of the ads include gadgets, clothes and accessories that every guy dreams of. What could be better? If you’re a guy who enjoys reading about cool stuff I really suggest you pick up next months copy of Maxim. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mercury News

After reading the Mercury Newspaper and comparing it to the Mercury News on the internet I discovered the newspaper is frivolous compared to the internet and it doesn't cover as much. The top story in the newspaper, which was on the front page, was the e-coli spinach contamination. This covered the whole front page! I know there is more important shit going on in the world then spinach. I mean, if I was Popeye I would be pretty fucken worried. I realize why the newspaper doesn't cover as much as the internet does. The audience on the internet is a lot larger. Almost everyone has access to the internet. It's free too. I had to buy the Mercury Newspaper for 50 cents. Although this may not be a lot of money I am still a starving student. I could spend my money on something beer! Seriously though, newspapers are a dying breed. It’s so much more convenient to check the news on the internet now a days.

The Future of Books

Since I was little, I've dreaded having to do book reports for school. Something about sitting there for hours on end, indoors just reading didn't really excite me. I am more of an outdoors person who can't really sit still for too long. So are books, which have been around for centuries on end and have served as one of the most powerful forms of propaganda going to withstand the test of time. Since the internet blew up as one of the most powerful forms of media it seems like books are dying off like never before. In my opinion modern technology will take over and replace books with electronic books. Think about it. Publishers can make electronic books that allow people to download book or large amounts of information for a price. Instead of having to lug around lots heavy books to class, people could have one light form of electronic technology that can be re-used thousands of times. Think about it. That would be so much cooler then a lame ass book, with pictures and all. Everything that can be found in a book will be included in cool modern electronic books. I think this technology will eventually kill books off for good. I mean why cut down all these trees when we don't need to.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Any Propaganda lately?

Propaganda, which is manipulation of public opinion, is a technique that is regularly applied by politicians, advertisers and journalists. If I recall the latest propaganda that I have been exposed to was that of our Presidents. Yes, even an idiot like our president can bombard us with manipulative persuasive propaganda. Like Hitler and Stalin before him, President Bush persuades us in speeches to the American public that is broadcasted on television and radio to millions. His propaganda consists of his views on war. His belief is that we must eliminate any terrorist threat to our nation, by acting as terrorists ourselves. I can't help disagreeing with this. Somehow more people dying does not excite me. So why do Americans keep re-electing our stupid-ass president, it's because of the propaganda that is being thrown out to us on channels, newspapers, radio stations and magazines. After hearing the lies our president repeats over and over the public begins to believe it. It is scary but true. Something for all of us to think about.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Band

If I were a rock star and had my own band, my top priority in my life would be to get fucked up and play music! It would be off the hook! Most musicians love to play music. It doesn't hurt to be rich and famous too. Before then you need to be discovered. If you ask an inspiring musician who is trying to have his music heard, they would tell you that the best way to be discovered is the internet. My Space for example. So why not? Another good way to be discovered is playing music in front of a lot of people live, and if they dig you then they'll tell their friends. How many times have you heard someone say, “I went to this really cool concert last night and heard this band rock out, Dude”. For instance, a really good band that I heard to that plays a mix of reggae and rock, kind of like Sublime.. They’re called Pepper really good band that is yet to be discovered. I heard about them from my friend who happened to have heard them live somewhere. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Back to the band I was talking about pepper also have their own website where you can hear their songs and they have a list of their tour dates. If anyone is interested in them…

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Access Magazine

To my surprise Access Magazine is published by Journalism 155, which is a magazine editing and production class taught by Dr. Fosdick. All of the writing is done by the students as well as the photography. It has been published since fall of 1987 and since then has won over one hundred awards in layout and design, graphics, photography, writing. This enticed me to pick up a copy and see how good it really was. My first impression of the magazine was that the target audience was definitely the SJSU student community. Every article or ad in the magazine was pertaining to a demographic of students ages 18-25. The first article that I read was about My Space. It seems like everywhere I go know that seems to be the the topic in everybody's discussion. Even though I really think my space is an invasion of people’s lives, I still can't get enough of it. My overall impression of the magazine is it is definitely down with the times, talking about the whole Hyphy movement. I wasn't really feeling the article about the couple who got married at age twenty. That’s a little too young for me. I can't even handle a girlfriend right now.

What kind of media buyer am I?

After filling out a media survey given to me by my teacher I began to realize how the media affects our everyday lives. We are influenced by television, magazines and radio. The way we dress, our opinions and our values come from the media. The media also influences us on the internet. A tool most of us use for hours on end, everyday! Doing this survey has made me realize just how much the media influences our lifestyles. It's almost scary. They control us. They also influence us on what we purchase. I am influenced by the shows and channels I watch on television. Magazines are another weak point for me. If I see something in a magazine like electronics or clothes that I like I am enticed to purchase them almost immediately.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Napster Vs. Music Industry

So after researching the infamous Napster I realized that I was missed out on alot of free music. Fuck! So why would anybody wanna put a free music download site out of business? I'll tell you why....because a couple of really rich executive record companies and some artists were missing out on some big bucks. I'm talking millions. So they sued and put Napster out of business. Sucks. Now you have to pay about 99 cents per song! A CD cost 15 dollars. Thats way too much money. Napster began in 1999. It started off as an idea by an 18 year old kid named Shawn Fanning. He wanted to create a program that included 3 functions: a search engine for MP3's, file sharing so you could trade songs with anyone and internet relay chat (thats like instant messaging). Now Napster is back but these days napster charges a fee because of piracy issues. No MP3 sites are not allowed to store or illegally distribute music on the internet without copyright permission from the record company which the song was produced by. I think this is a way to make even more money for the music industry.