Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Future of Books

Since I was little, I've dreaded having to do book reports for school. Something about sitting there for hours on end, indoors just reading didn't really excite me. I am more of an outdoors person who can't really sit still for too long. So are books, which have been around for centuries on end and have served as one of the most powerful forms of propaganda going to withstand the test of time. Since the internet blew up as one of the most powerful forms of media it seems like books are dying off like never before. In my opinion modern technology will take over and replace books with electronic books. Think about it. Publishers can make electronic books that allow people to download book or large amounts of information for a price. Instead of having to lug around lots heavy books to class, people could have one light form of electronic technology that can be re-used thousands of times. Think about it. That would be so much cooler then a lame ass book, with pictures and all. Everything that can be found in a book will be included in cool modern electronic books. I think this technology will eventually kill books off for good. I mean why cut down all these trees when we don't need to.


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