Friday, September 08, 2006

Napster Vs. Music Industry

So after researching the infamous Napster I realized that I was missed out on alot of free music. Fuck! So why would anybody wanna put a free music download site out of business? I'll tell you why....because a couple of really rich executive record companies and some artists were missing out on some big bucks. I'm talking millions. So they sued and put Napster out of business. Sucks. Now you have to pay about 99 cents per song! A CD cost 15 dollars. Thats way too much money. Napster began in 1999. It started off as an idea by an 18 year old kid named Shawn Fanning. He wanted to create a program that included 3 functions: a search engine for MP3's, file sharing so you could trade songs with anyone and internet relay chat (thats like instant messaging). Now Napster is back but these days napster charges a fee because of piracy issues. No MP3 sites are not allowed to store or illegally distribute music on the internet without copyright permission from the record company which the song was produced by. I think this is a way to make even more money for the music industry.


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