Friday, October 06, 2006

Howard on Satellite

I remember when Howard Stern was at the top of the charts. His name was all over the place and he was really starting to make a buzz in Hollywood. Since early in his career Howard has been known as a being womanizer, famous for makings his female guests flash him on his show. Surprisingly, Howard took over radio. He became a voice that was familiar to all of us. The Howard Stern Show, as he called it was kind of funny, which made listening too him not such a drag. The success of his radio show was so extraordinary they aired it on television on E! Entertainment Tonight. Even though Howard really isn't very good looking he always manages to peel some hot chicks! I don't get it. I figured the guy must have been good in the sack or something. Then I found out he's worth about $500 million. That explained it all. He was and still is a very powerful figure in radio. His voice is listened to by millions of Americans who always thirsty for more Howard Stern. In 1994 Howard made a movie about his life. It was a big success. I remember watching it with my Dad. He laughed the whole time. I liked Howard but but by moving from radio to satellite, I think Howard kind of lost his loyal fans. Well, most of them at least. Satellite radio is cool and I would get it but it cost ten bucks a month. Why should I pay for it when I could get free music with an MP3 player? Well, maybe if I was a little wealthier I would. I'm sure one day we will all have satellite and we will all be listening to Howard’s old ass on the radio once again.


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